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I don't support online ordering yet but do take credit cards.  If you want a product, please contact me and provide either a sketch or applicable graphics and I'll give you a quote.  If it is a larger job, I may ask for a deposit of 50%.
Normally, I'm serving people in the local community but do provide shipping to remote customers.   I'm currently working on evaluating  products for sale on Etsy.
Here is my contact info:
     Ph:  603-275-4368


These are things to think about when considering your sign project.
     Is this an indoor or outdoor sign?
     What dimensions and shape do you want?
          Approximate horizontal and vertical size
          Circular, Oval, Rectangular
          Rounded/square corners
          Other custom shape - animal, state, tree canopy as examples
          Corian - Indoor/outdoor
          Plywood - Indoor use
          MDO - Outdoor rated plywood
          Cedar - Indoor / outdoor
          Sign Foam - Indoor / outdoor
          Other wood - Limited outdoor use
     Mounting options
          Keyholes - No visible mounting hardware
          Magnetic - works great on a steel mailbox or other steel material
          Velcro - recommended if there are frequent changes and changes or you 
                        can't penetrate the wall or door with a screw.
          Hangers - Hooks or pipes to hang from
          Steel Ribs - Used for sign foam mounting
          Bolt/washer - This requires a hole from front to back in one or more places.