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Design and Fabrication Services and Products


2D and 3D CAD DesignCamaster Cobra X3 CNC Router
Cutting and Fabrication
Graphic design
4'x8' CNC Camaster Router





Plywood, lumber, hardwood, MDF, solid surface (ie corian), foam, acrylic, HDPE, composites, aluminum, soft metals


My prices are flexible. For instance if you have a larger job or if you are doing something that especially interests me or if I don't have much expertise in your area, I will adjust. On the other hand, if there is excessive bit wear, special bits required, it could be more. For smaller jobs, the setup can take as much or more time than the actual cutting. 

Price Guidelines
Design CAD/CAM $50/hr
Setup $50/hr
Cutting $75/hr

I have additional capabilities such as 4th axis (milling on a cylinder) or making 4 color drawings on large surfaces (ie pens used in router head) but need special setup for this. I'm experienced with Corel Draw X5 and Bobcad V25. This business is operated from my residence, so I do have some limitations on stock storage and times of operation.