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Cutting Boards

Corian Cutting Boards

Dupont Corian solid surface countertop material

Non-porous – won’t host germs, easy to wash

All of these have handles for easy use and can be hung from the wall


Oval and Rectangular Corian Cutting boardsSmall Oval, medium, and large with juice groove corian cutting boards


$20      7”x10" Oval Cheese Tray/Cutting Board
$25      9”x12" Rectangular
$40      11"x14" Rectangular with Juice Groove

Three piece premium set for $75

$30      9”x12” Oval Medium Serving Tray
$50      14"x18" Rectangular with Juice Groove - no handle (not shown)
$60      12”x18" Oval Large Serving Tray (Out of stock)


If you happen to have a solid surface sink cutout, I can make it into a useful cutting board.