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LED Acrylic Edge Lit Signs



Londonderry Lancers LED Edge Lit signMerry Christmas 6x12" LED Edge Lit Acrylic signWindham High School Jaguars LED Edge Lit Acrylic signLord's Prayer LED Edge Lit Acrylic sign


Standard sizes are 6", 9", and 12" square but height can be cut down.  A wide and short sign is good for names or other text only graphics.

Standard Prices - basic text and graphics

   Dimension       Price
     6"x6"                $45
     9"x9"                $60
     12"x6"              $70
     12"x12"            $75

Many graphics and logos have to be customized for engraving and there may be a one-time charge for that. 

These come in a standard base that sits on a desk or shelf.  At this time I don't offer a model that hangs upside down or on a wall frame.  It has a 3 foot 12V transformer for power, so an extension cord may be required.

I can custom make widths larger than this and can use non-square shapes but additional charges apply.  Practical height limit is 18".

These do not make a good window display during bright daylight. 

The current models have a remote RGB color control so you can make the display one of 16 colors.  You can also have it flash and fade between colors. 

Warranty is 1 year for the electronics with the exception of the remote battery which should last beyond one year.

The acrylic display can be easily scratched if laid down on anything other than a soft cloth.  Do not use standard cleaners or paper towels.  Clean it like you would clean eye glasses.  Novus polish and cloth are recommended.  You can dust with a soft cloth.

These are not waterproof and are not made to operate outdoors.