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Coat/Hat Decorative Peg Racks

Decorative carved peg racks for hanging your coats and hats.  
Lots of people make coat racks and you can pick up a basic one at Michael's craft store but you won't find any like these anywhere.  These are not just painted but are engraved/routed to a depth of at least 1/10" (more for the large letters).  This gives it a visual depth and the paint will not wear off easy from heavy use.


                         Stagecoach - Maple                                                      Bear in the forest - Maple

Stagecoach scene Coat Peg Rack on MapleBear in Forrest scene on Maple

                          Lighthouse - Oak

LIghthouse Coat Peg Rack on Oak


                                                               Welcome - Maple and Red Oak

Welcome Maple Peg Rack

                                             Maple Plywood NH Lake Signs

Lake Winnipeksaukee NH Coat Peg Rack made from Maple PlywoodCobbetts Pond Windham  NH Coat Peg Rack made from Maple Plywood

These are mounted with keyholes in the back spaced 16" apart - this allows rigid mounting in wall studs where available.  There is also a keyhole in the middle so you can hang it quickly for viewing.  Everything on this page ranges in price from $40 to $60.

* Note that lighting and background change the picture - in general all of the similar wood types will look similar to each other.  Shading, lighting, and background vary which makes them look different.  I'm still perfecting my product picture taking so please bear with me.